1. How can I obtain a Labour Record Report?

A labour record report can be obtained by the following means:

- If you have a digital certificate you can obtain it directly from your computer.

- If you do not have a digital certificate, you can request it from the Virtual Office on our website, through the Labour Record Report request service.

- You can also call 901 50 20 50, 24 hours a day.

2. How can I find out my affiliation or Social Security number?

To find out your Social Security affiliation number, you can go to any Social Security Office and they will provide you with both the number and a copy of the Social Security card.

3. How can I change my personal details on the Social Security records?

To change your personal details, you must go to the nearest General Treasury of the Social Security Office . To do this you must present your DNI and Certification Statement or you can call 901502050 and request the details update form with the corresponding Provincial Office of the Treasury General of the Social Security printed on it, and a paid postage stamp so that, once it has been filled in and signed, it can be sent by post. This Provincial Office will carry out the requested change.