Human Resources management has become a top subject for businesses. Hiring, Firing, Time Management, Salary sheets, Time management, ... We help you.

As part of its range of advisory services on labour matters, Agencia Ricart can take care of the management of your company's Human Resources Department, helping you to manage employment related issues and advising you on the diverse methods of personnel recruitment. We are also experienced in acting as interlocutors in employer-employee relationships

The services we offer in this area are the following:

· Advice on labour and employment matters, tailored to meet the client's needs.

· Registration of the company and its employees in the appropriate National Insurance systems.

· Application and updating of collective bargaining agreements.

· Preparation of National Insurance contribution forms, monthly (TC1-TC2).

· Preparation of deductions at source on income from employment.

· Preparation of the Annual Report on deductions at source

· Preparation of the yearly certificates for purposes of Personal Income Tax returns.

· Communication of the employee´s personal status for Personal Income Tax purposes..

· Preparation of monthly pay sheets.

· Processing of sick leave notices and certificates of fitness for work.

· Processing of accident leave notices and certificate of fitness for work.

· Analysis of various methods of personnel recruitment.

· Preparation and processing of contracts of employment.

· Dealing with and processing specific, non-periodic matters with the National Institute of Social Security.

· Application for deferment of NHS contributions and negotiation of debts with the National Insurance authority.

· Penalties and dismissals.

· Legal services within the company-labour framework.

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