Accounting services at Ricart Office
Our business consultant office in Rosas has been delivering accounting services for companies and freelancers since 1988. Businessmen of Alt Empordà have counted on the Ricart Office when requesting accounting, billing, bank control services ... But why is it so important to have the accounts up to date?

Entrepreneurs have stopped seeing accounting as a simple procedure to understand that it is one of their most important management tools. Thanks to well-conducted accounts broken down by accounts, the businessman or freelance can, among other things, analyze balance sheets and profit and loss accounts of their company.

The Profit and Loss (or Income Statement) is clearly one of the reports that most interests the employer as it tells us if we are making or losing money and, even more importantly, why. That is, questions such as if we are making profits because we have grown in sales, or if we are suffering losses because we have increased expenses, we could respond thanks to the analysis of the Income Statement.

It is essential to have a reliable accounting, which allows us to get all these reports (and many more that we will comment on our website) to make decisions based on the evolution of our business.

In the Ricart Office we are convinced that it does not matter if we are a freelance or a large company, accounting is undoubtedly one of the most important management tools of your business. For this reason, we have invested so much in improve the technology of the accounting management in our office.

If you still do not know us, we can call you and explain it to you.

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