We pay special attention to the people who do not reside in Spain. We try to speak your own language - French, English, German - because of the possible difficulties of understanding you may have to understand the specific legislation that concerns you.

We devote special attention to persons who are not resident in Spain, first of all by attending to them in their own language - French, English, German... Due to the difficulties they may have in understanding the specific laws which affect them.

We offer them the possibility of using our offices for, among others, the following:

· Processing applications for Foreign Identification Number (N.I.E.).

· Processing applications for a residence permit.

· Computation, preparation and settlement of Personal Income Tax and Wealth Tax to which any private individual is liable in Spain by the mere fact that they own a property or hold other assets in this country.

· For companies with a trading activity, analysis and assessment to the relevant taxes.

· For companies which simply hold assets, analysis of possible exemptions and reliefs available.

· Assessment to tax on letting of assets in Spain ” property, etc.

· All services affecting businesses which have a permanent establishment - business activities, a professional practice ” in Spain, e.g. accounting, taxation, labour and employment matters, etc.

· Vehicle registration, changes in road licences, etc.

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Ricart business and tax consultants opened its doors in 1988 in Roses and it is formed by a professional team devoted to delivering consultancy for SMEs companies and freelancers. Our target is to deliver an integrated service using the latest available technologies.

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Insurance brokers in Roses specialized in various fields: Vehicles, Business, Health, Communities, Savings and Investment, ... We search among all the companies to find the best proposal for you.