Agencia Ricart is the Tax Consulting office in Roses. Taxes, Personal Income, Deductions, ... We help you with your tax declarations in Spain. 

The tax advisory services we offer are aimed at providing direct, personalised treatment which enables us to assess each client's specific needs. We can advise you on how to optimise tax management, provide for possible tax contingencies and obtain, within the framework of the law, a lighter tax burden by using the instruments which the tax system places at the taxpayer's disposal.

Our tax services comprise the following:

· Tax advice based on the client's specific needs.

· Tax planning and analysis of the alternatives and options open to us in assessing personal income tax liability in the various systems of taxation, in order to determine the taxable revenue of a business activity.

· Tax planning and analysis of the rules applicable to company taxation and how it interrelates with partners, managers and other legal entities in the development of a business activity.

· Study and analysis of tax contingencies as at the various annual periods and in different fiscal years.

· Advising and representing the client in dealings with the Spanish Inland Revenue Inspector of Taxes.

· Application for deferment of taxes.

· Advising and acting for the client in dealing with tax demands received from the Spanish Inland Revenue.

· Analysis and preparation of the Annual Accounts and Annual Report for the period, and the filing of these records with the Companies Registry

· Analysis and preparation of the periodic tax assessments to be filed during the fiscal year, and yearly returns giving summarised information.

· Analysis and preparation of the Personal Income Tax return (IRPF).

· Analysis and preparation of the Wealth Tax return.

· Analysis and preparation of the "Non Resident" Income Tax return.

· Analysis and preparation of the Corporation Tax return.

· Restatement of previous fiscal years

Tax consultants for companies and freelances in Roses

Ricart business and tax consultants opened its doors in 1988 in Roses and it is formed by a professional team devoted to delivering consultancy for SMEs companies and freelancers. Our target is to deliver an integrated service using the latest available technologies.

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