We are accounting experts, which enables us to check the correct posting of account entries and, where required, make accounting adjustments at the end of the fiscal year. We also offer advice and guidance on accounting for taxation purposes, to ensure that your tax liabilities are properly computed and provided for.

Details of the accounting services that we offer are as follows:

· Accounting advice to suit your needs.

· Analysis of statutory obligations and systems of book-keeping and accounting records.

· Revisió i seguiment de comptabilitats i documents de suport.

· Auditing and monitoring of accounting records and supporting documents.

· Training and monitoring of your company's Accounts personnel.

· Analysis of depreciation and provision systems.

· Preparation and monitoring of accounting statements based on accounting data, i.e. journal, ledger, inventories, annual accounts and VAT records.

· Updating of accounting records.

· Preparation of Income, Expenses and VAT records, which are compulsory for business owners who are taxed under the Simplified Direct Assessment system.

· Closing of the accounting and fiscal year.

· Issue and registration of the official books at the Companies Registry.