Having a good idea is a very important first step, but not enough, to become a successful entrepreneur. You must also have a plan to execute it correctly. We have advised many entrepreneurs from different sectors: start-ups, shops, restaurants, services, ... and we want to share with you all this experience.


We help you create the Business Plan and the Economic Plan, they will be the pillars of the business.


We advise you on how to obtain the most appropriate financing.

Autonomous or SL?

We explain to you the differences between being autonomous and setting up an SL, and we advise you on which is the best option for your project.

Digital, no matter what

We open doors for you into the digital world with our Digital Partners Additiu Digital: Web, SEO/SEM Positioning, Social Networks, Creativity, ...

Basic questions

How to make an invoice? And a budget? How to keep accounts? How much will I pay taxes? We answer you all these questions.


We put you in touch with potential customers and some of the service providers you will need for your business.


We can not prevent you from making some mistakes at the beginning, but we can share our experience with you so that they are as small as possible.


We help you calculate how much it will cost you to start your business to take into account the Financing Plan.

All ready?

When you are ready, we will add you to the Treasury and Social Security (and we will explain how to take advantage of the bonuses there are for new entrepreneurs).


What happens in Agència Ricart, is in Agència Ricart. We have 30 years of history and the secret to get where we are has been trust with our customers.

Tax consultants for companies and freelances in Roses

Ricart business and tax consultants opened its doors in 1988 in Roses and it is formed by a professional team devoted to delivering consultancy for SMEs companies and freelancers. Our target is to deliver an integrated service using the latest available technologies.

Insurance Brokers

Insurance brokers in Roses specialized in various fields: Vehicles, Business, Health, Communities, Savings and Investment, ... We search among all the companies to find the best proposal for you.