Agència Ricart - Business and Tax Consultant & Insurance Brokerage

Business and Tax Consultant & Insurance Broker

Agencia Ricart opened its doors in May 1988. It is staffed by professional consultants providing advisory and administration services in diverse areas of expertise to small and medium enterprises and individuals. Our aim is to offer our clients a comprehensive range of services, divided into the following areas:


Comprehensive, mixed accounting services for companies and professional practitioners, suited to the needs and sector of each client, encompassing the whole of the fiscal year from opening to closing, calculation of depreciation, and many other services.


Personalised planning, preparation and processing of different taxes, demands, appeals, tax inspections... for both companies and individuals. We offer analyses and advice on the creation of new activities. We also compute, advise on and manage tax assessments at both state and autonomous government level.


Meeting all needs and providing solutions to a wide variety of questions which arise in the field of employment and social security, e.g. commencement and termination of employment, workforce-related matters, drawing up of payroll, salary payments, inspections, national insurance contribution forms (TC1-TC2), dealings with the Dept of Health and Social Security, Depts of Employment at national and local level and CMAC, the Centre for Alternative Dispute Resolution. Advice to individual clients concerning maternity leave and benefits...


The starting up of a business activity is an important process which involves searching and applying for a company name, studying the different types of companies that can be formed and ensuring that the business is properly registered with the relevant authorities. Agencia Ricart will advise you from the very beginning on the best way to set up a new business according to your needs.


Dealing with the local Administration - business licences, change of licence holder, etc...

Services involving government departments, e.g. Traffic, Industry, Transport, Health, Land Registry, Chamber of Commerce etc...